What is done about cheating on the Spin2Win game?

There are a few things we do not allow inside the Spin2Win games:

  • Alt ( alternative ) accounts
  • Swearing
  • Bullying
  • Chat advertising ( or sub calls )

Since the games inception we have had issues with people attempting to cheat the game. Mostly through the use of Alt accounts. Alternative accounts that allow a single user to enter a !Spin more than once.

We fight this in two way right now;

  1. We have an active family of moderators ( "mods" ) that are always in chat and looking for Alt accounts call outs. If you see an account you think might be an account, make a call out to any Mod you see in chat and we will check the user out. You can also email us <binxtv@gmail.com> with the time you saw the Alt and their username. Our team will check logs and look into the account.
  2. Accounts that were created since the launch date of Spin2Win are not allowed to enter !Spin's at the moment.

We are working on now ways to handle cheaters in the games. Some in secret and some you will see as the service updates rollout. But, bottom line, we depend on community call outs more than anything else. So, if you see anyone being uncool, let us know and we will deal with it for you 🙂