Why does the Spin2Win channel keep changing?

The Spin2Win game is hosted on a streaming server and that connection can sometimes be lost.

The way Youtube handles lost live connections ( that are down for more than a few seconds ) is to shutdown the old stream and begin to archive it.

When our team is alerted to downtime, we relaunch as fast as we can. Usually, though, this means Youtube gives us a new stream to work with. So, the best way to keep on top of the most current live stream is to subscribe and visit the main Binx YoutubeGaming page. Not to bookmark the stream itself.

Note: As streams get archived, likes and dislikes go along with them. So, if you like the stream once and then see it is not updated for you on a new stream, like it again. It helps us in spreading the word and you in sharing the stream with your friends 🙂

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