About Binx

A Streamer Community

image1Binx is a new kind of social streaming community. Focused on the content creators. Building apps, tools and services dedicated to enhancing the social video streaming community through the power of collaboration.

Social video streaming communities are in danger of falling to the same class structure issues that much of our world is suffering from today. With large communities of content creators feeding the bottom lines of a very small group of top ranked broadcast providers.

Binx seeks to reverse this trend. By putting high quality enhancement, promotion and analytic tools in the hands of every single Binx member.

We believe that the beauty of this new social media is strengthened by the close collaboration of streamers, viewers and sponsors. A literal “strength in numbers” theory that, when we all work together, we can build new ways for better living as well as better economies.

With every new member we expand on the core Binx goals and keep our minds open to how we can all build a bright new global social media experience.

The Team

Jean A. Ames
Nicholas Murphy III
Yon Hardisty
Niraj Manandhar
Senior Engineer
Yit Lee
Business Advisor
Niran Manandhar
Business Development
Moderator Family



Pillars of the Community


The Binx member portal serving our community in North America and Europe with round the clock services, tools and support. Dedicated to streamer, viewer and sponsors throughout the video streaming industry.


Sharing news, FAQs and community support tools. The Binx Guru site pays homage to all Binx members and team support staff. With a growing collection of informational options for our members.


The Binx member portal serving our community in Asia Pacific. Marrying eSports streaming opportunities with educational services. Binx prepares for a world that is larger than we have ever known.